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to the official website of Joerg Warda, illustrator and digital artist.

Warda-Art is a Berlin based illustration studio specialized in creating 2D & 3D illustration for books and magazines. Creative character design and prop modeling for video games and photorealistic CGI visualisation.

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galler portfolio link: illustration cartoon sci-fi fantasy art and pinups - joerg warda illustraton berlin

ILLUSTRATION: The award winning art of Warda is best known for beautiful female characters and funny cartoon creatures. Awarded for exellence and outstanding illustrations in Sci-Fi and Fantasy art.

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galler portfolio link: video game artwork concept art character design warda-art illustration berlin

GAME ART: Specialized in concept art and character design for video games.
3D modeling, sculpting and texturing of game props, creatures and environments.

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gallery portfolio link: Infographics scientific graphics Concept Visualisation  custom icon and logo design warda-art berlin

GRAPHICS: concept visualisation, Infographics and scientific illustration for research, magazines and corporate presentations.

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gallery portfolio link: 3d modeling visualisation creative retouching joerg warda illustration berlin

3D VISUALISATION: Photoreal 3D CGI illustration and visuals for product and packaging. Creative retouching and digital image manipulation for advertising, photography and print.

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